He brings with him an ability to take charge of any situation and can take a crowd of half asleep youth slumped in their chairs to being pumped and ready to go within 10mins of him speaking. Without fail every year we receive comments back from participants that "Stan is the Man” and they are not shy to let us know that he was their favourite part. …Nothing beats being busy trying to organize a million things to hear your MC say, "Don’t worry, I got it. Everything will be great”. He goes over and above what other MC do and for that I will always appreciate him.
M.S. British Columbia

His gift is the possibility to change a person’s life for a better future.
L.K. Ontario

He always does an absolutely amazing job keeping the energy levels high, telling stories to tie the presentations to real life situations, reading a crowd and knowing when people need a break, a laugh or a good story. He has an uncanny ability to make instant personal connections and put delegates at ease. He truly is a skilled Master of Ceremonies.
K.C. Ontario

Stan (the man) Wesley really set the tone for what would be an amazing couple days. With his sense of humour and his way with words he found a commonality with every single person their. Now I’m a big guy but I’m positive I lost a couple pounds laughing at Stan’s non stop humour. I would go so far as to say he is one of the best role models I’ve ever encountered. He is one person I shall never forget. Stan really is "The Man”.
K.C. British Columbia

Stan presented to our community earlier this year. We brought a group of 80 people together for an evening full of fun, interactive and amazingly life-changing experiences through his teachings. In particular, he helped each person gain a new level of understanding of their very own self-actualization. I saw MAJOR life changes with the participants during the two hours he spent with us. They say humor is the best medicine, and Stan Wesley has definitely medicated us with laughter!
S.W. Ontario

If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think that conference would have changed my life like it has. Couldn’t have done it without the energy and support of Stan Wesley.
O.A. British Columbia

…Awesome fun, educational and inspirational for our youth. Something for everyone, even adults who need a spark to reignite that lost ambition for a better tomorrow one workshop at a time. :)
R.W. Ontario

This guy is an incredible talent and has a way of connecting w audiences all over.
G.A. Arizona

Stan is always great to work with! He knows what he’s doing even with little information. He’s great with people and loves to have fun! The most important thing he does is make people listen, and what he says is worth listening to.
C.D. Quebec

Stan the man had an audience of over 150 people at YES 2012 engaged, participating, laughing, and listening for 3 full days and evenings. The positive energy in the room was amazing. I left YES 2012 re energized and prepared to make a difference for First Nations across Canada.
C.H. British Columbia

Stan has empowered our youth and our people by giving us the opportunity to share his knowledge and up lifting, positive attitude and energy in the work he does.
Stan holds a special place in all of our hearts who have met him along the way.

J.M. Ontario

"Stan Wesley is a charismatic and dynamic Facilitator, who keeps his audience energized, engaged and focused. He is particularly a hit with youth groups, and can draw out even the quietest, reserved youth, by empowering them to find their voice and acknowledging the importance of their words. I would highly recommend Stan and The Wesley Group for your next workshop/conference that you are planning, but only if you want to be sure that it’s a huge success!!!”
W.L. Ontario

Funniest guy I know, engages the audience like their family!
D.S. Ontario

"Your services to our community was 200% rated by the youth and workshop assistants…we had an awesome time and look forward and welcome another opportunity!!!”
L.L. Manitoba

Since the last 5 years I have had the opportunities to see Stan Wesley in action, with his energy and enthusiasm. Right away it’s easy to forget the long hours of traveling to reach the event. In a unique way, the bounding with this MC is amazing. Always on schedule, his spontaneous ways makes it easy for him to gather everyone at the promised time. With his refines image , Stan gives a very good image to the event. Always avant-garde, he often puts finishing touches and great advices on some aspect of the tighten logistics situations. We’re talking about a experimented and professional MC here !!! His sense of humour never ends to amaze us. Innovative-Gatherer-Respect -three words that describe this exceptional master of ceremonies.
J.S. Quebec

I had the opportunity to see you facilitate 3 gatherings during my time at the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs: A youth gathering in Manitoulin Island, a suicide awareness youth summit in Kashachewan and a staff appreciation event for the Ministry. The positive energy, professionalism, charisma and laughter that you brought to each of these events were the same. You were able to get important business done while having a lot of fun doing it. You are inspiring to all who meet you and I would recommend your services to anyone, anywhere and any topic. Keep up the great work!
D.R. Ontario

I really enjoyed Stan’s facilitation at the Treaty 3 event. He kept the group engaged at all times, brought out great opinions and sharing from even the shyest and quietest people in the room. To be able to personally connect with a group of people of all different ages, backgrounds and comfort levels is true mastery from a facilitator. I have recommended Stan to many colleagues in my network knowing they will not be disappointed!
R.W. Ontario

"Some of the issues we discussed were heavy duty but Wesley was able to maintain a balance between professionalism, tact and then using humour to lighten the atmosphere if needed…He is Aboriginal and has massive appeal with the youth, which was a large group of individuals that I worked with in the past."
G.G. Ontario

I have never been to a conference where I laughed, felt touched and really understood the message a person was getting across – you keep the audience entertained, don’t try to act better then anyone and keep it real.
W.G. Ontario

Stan is energetic, engaging, and incredibly entertaining! Simply put, Stan Wesley is a pro.
A.D. British Columbia

Stan was very welcoming to all participants and encouraged involvement in all aspects of the conference. He was exceptionally sociable, entertaining and comical. He had numerous participants laughing and enjoying the 4-day conference.
A.P. Nova Scotia

The first time I met Stan I found him full of energy. He was and is able to bring a group together and make the individuals feel comfortable no matter what the setting may be…Stan’s work is definitely unique, true, honest and positive. I always look forward to new events in which Stan will be attending as he truly has a gift of working with both adults and youth.
B.D. Ontario

"We hired Stan to emcee our national conference four years ago and have invited him back each year since. Stan has a natural gift of humour, and the ability to bring together a room full of strangers, and make them feel like old friends before the morning is over.. With Stan, you are not only getting a great speaker with tons of energy and a positive attitude – you are getting someone who truly cares for and understands the issues that affect Aboriginal people in Canada. Undeniably, Stan’s sincerity, professionalism, talent and wonderful energy will inject success into every conference or event you host!”
B.L. Alberta

Super Hero is all i can really say to Stan, He has done such and awesome job with our "war on drugs” conference that we have asked him back to MC the next session and we cannot be more proud to do so!
H.M. Ontario

All I can say is WOW. Stan’s performance and ability to involve the crowd/community in his speaking engagements is so incredible.
G.M. Quebec

I have to say that he was remarkable. He was witty, funny, professional, and efficient. He had a way with the audience and made the event fun. I also liked how approachable he was off-stage and hearing from some fellow participants, was very helpful with any questions they had.
V.W. British Columbia


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