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My Appeal For Action, Feathers of Hope

My words of appeal to make things right at the Launch at the Feathers of Hope.  → Read More

Mosquitoes Are People Too.

And They Are EVERYWHERE!!!  → Read More


Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly 2014.   This is from an incredible event that Stan recently attended.  This video features conference participants, Haida Nation Council Executive, staff, community members and....Stan.  → Read More

Indian Time? On Time... EVERYTIME!

"The interesting thing about the traditional sense of time is that we have no control over it" ~Stan Wesley  → Read More

Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly 2014

Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly 2014 Conference Documentary  What an amazing week in Haida Gwaii.  This video captures it all!    → Read More

Wikwemikong’s Children’s Bill of Rights

"It’s all about the Children in Wikwemikong." —Chief Peltier  → Read More

Marathon Man

In 2007 I ran The Toronto International Marathon, it was, at the time, it was my greatest achievement.  There so many incredible elements of that race, meeting other runners, touring around neighbourhoods I wouldn’t otherwise check.  So many great memories of the race.  The one that kept me going were all the spectators.  The first person to call out my...  → Read More

New Logo

Here it is, the new logo.  I must admit, it looks pretty cool.  Surely, my cousins and aunties would be proud.  "Jestug, ever cool,” they’s all be trying to talk over one another.  I’d like to explain all the elements in the logo.  Firstly, the obvious reference made to my name, the S and the W.  The tip of the...  → Read More