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Marathon Man

Marathon Man

In 2007 I ran The Toronto International Marathon, it was, at the time, it was my greatest achievement.  There so many incredible elements of that race, meeting other runners, touring around neighbourhoods I wouldn’t otherwise check.  So many great memories of the race.  The one that kept me going were all the spectators.  The first person to call out my name and encourage was the touching things anyone has ever done.  If I could, I would thank all of those 10’s of thousands of people that took the time to cheer on a complete stranger.  

So I wanted to pass that forward, not just at this race but everyday since.  All to often we tend to hear the negative.  I guess you can spin it, to make the wrong right.  But don’t you wish you could just hear the cheers and the positivity?  You could, everyday, guaranteed.  Here’s how.  

You be the person to do it, you’d be hearing your own voice and seeing the person light up with new found sense of empowerment.

Thank you to my brother Mike for taking this pic of me cheering at the full capacity.   Seeing runners light up and in between breathes saying "thank you,” was a nice to get in return but that wasn’t my motivation.  Perhaps my words and actions (in this pic air-guitar) not only brightened their day but served as motivation to finished the race.