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New Logo

SW Logo

Here it is, the new logo.  I must admit, it looks pretty cool.  Surely, my cousins and aunties would be proud.  "Jestug, ever cool,” they’s all be trying to talk over one another. 

I’d like to explain all the elements in the logo.  Firstly, the obvious reference made to my name, the S and the W.  The tip of the W morphs into a top of the Aski-kan (I’ll explain later) and the S is positioned sideways (kind of like me I guess huh?) and looks like a wave.  The wave was important because of that fact that I am a Inninew (Cree) from Mushkego (the swamp) in Northern Ontario.  My entire childhood, everything was all about the tide and all things river and James Bay.  Then there’s the obvious circle, no need to explain the cultural importance.  If I need to explain, just know it’s important….really important.

Back to the teepee, or should I say Aski-kan.  An Aski-kan is one of our traditional dwellings which is like a teepee but is built is a more permanent dwelling made of larger logs and is built into the earth.  Depending on the model (yes, there are models), you could actually step down into earth upon entering.  This makes for a toasty camp in the winter and nice to cool in the summer.  I could have said teepee, but I just wouldn’t be embracing my "CREEness.”